Friday, December 10, 2010

Unique Gift Ideas for Cyclists-2010

Ok, so we've been looking for some unique or great ideas to give my friends who are cyclists but many sites had some very lame ideas, i.e., 1. Get them a Helmet! REALLY??? If you are a cyclist I bet you already have a helmet...unless you had a crash and busted up your old one. In which case, you might not be riding for awhile since you'll have to lay low while your injuries heal! So, I decided to put together a list of my favorite gift ideas (links to the sites are provided)! And, if anybody wants to get me something for the holidays well, I would love any of these things!

(sounds like that could be a catchy song...hmmm)

1. Ok, by now you know I support LIVESTRONG. So, here are several ideas along this line.

     a.  Make a donation to your athlete's favorite charity in their name. Any Charity--Any Amount
     b. Anything on the LIVESTRONG store site
     c. Or, how about for those who can't be without their phone a new LIVESTRONG cover, earbuds  or itouch arm band from Radioshack  Price: $9.99-49.99

2.  Road ID-This will be a priceless gift if it is ever needed in an emergency! This is an awesome gift for anyone-cyclist, runner, swimmer, anyone who travels or drives a car, walks to work or rides the train. And, for those of you who shop late...they even have eCards available. The best part is they will make a donation to one of 7 charities, of your choice, just because you bought their product.
Price: $21.49-31.48 (includes shipping costs for eCard).

3.  Basket of Energy-fill a basket your athlete's favorite goodies! I love the Honey Stinger Waffles, Bonk Breakers, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, Shot Blocks and Clif Bars ( usually buy these at my sponsor's shop Buchanan Bicycles in Norman), Gatorade or Powerade. My mom says, "Make it fun and festive with bright colored tissue paper or be green and use the comic pages from your newspaper...then they have some reading material as well!" She's always looking for ways to get people to read!
Price: Varies by how small or big you want to make your basket

4.  Speaking of reading how about a book about cycling? There are tons and so, I provided a link that will take you thousands with just one click! BOOKS will take you straight there and if they have a Kindle you will save money and trees!
Price: Varies

5.  What about keeping our feet warm and dry? Neoprene shoe covers (with zippers or velco please) would be awesome! These are available from lots of different companies but you've got to know their shoe size! I wear a EURO 40...hint, hint!
Price: Varies

6.  True Religion T-shirt: Great gift to give so that when your not on your bike and wearing your favorite jersey you can still honor the lifestyle you love and it's pretty cool looking!
Price: $29.95 plus shipping

Front View
Back View

 7.  Wool Socks-another amazing gift...I must be cold today! Anyway, these make a perfect standalone gift or stocking stuffer! There are many companies that make these but here are a few:
     a.  SmartWool Price: $13.95-39.95
     b.  Specialized Price: $16.00
     c.  Pearl Izumi Price: $18.00

8.  There are loads of ideas for under $30 at VeloGear. They have apparel, home & office, books & dvd's, accessories. Here's a couple of pictures of my favorites!

Business Card holder

9. Grease Monkey Wipes-They will love these degreaser wipes! You can carry them in your jersey pocket and clean up after you complete a tire change or put your chain back on! We've all been there and then trying to clean our hands in the grass. These are awesome and have a citrus scent...nothing flowery!
Price: $24 for a box of 24 but this link list them at $20.98

There are many more ideas but hopefully this will help you surprise that special athlete in your life with something they will LOVE! Mostly, I hope you've been good and Santa doesn't have to bring you coal for your stocking!

I hope you have a very HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a super NEW YEAR!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well, before I can even start sharing about my weekend I have to say a HUGE thank you to all who donated to LIVESTRONG so I could participate in this amazing event!

OK, so I thought I was prepared for what this weekend was going to be like but, dude, was I wrong. First, it took us forever to get to Austin! It may have been because I was so excited! But, we finally got to our hotel and I was headed to the Livestrong Village to pick up my packet! Thankfully, it was just a couple of blocks from our hotel so we were super close!

Supporting one of my sponsors, Buchanan Bicycles, in Austin

I was excited because I had raised almost $800.00 before I got there. Then, I received some additional donations before we left and I was going to make my goal of $1,000.00!!!! I was very proud of myself! We walked into the Village and I couldn't believe was like a dream! So many of my favorite things all under one roof...LIVESTRONG trailer, Oakley trailer, Mellow Johnny's, SRAM, Trek, Radioshack, a Nissan Leaf and the list just keeps going! Bicycle stuff  and sponsors were everywhere I think I must have been in cyclist heaven!!

I sure hope I win this bike!

My mom and I went to pick-up our packets and we met the nicest people. They asked how I raised so much money and we told them! In case, you haven't read my earlier blogs let me catch you up! I held a fundraiser on my 13th birthday instead of having a birthday party. It was really hot that day, about 106 degrees, but I didn't care I just wanted to help those with cancer. Anyway, I was shocked when I got my swag bag, a TEAM LIVESTRONG Nike backpack (it will carry my cycling shoes, helmet, ipod, kit, etc. I LOVE IT!) and a TEAM LIVESTRONG cap! I didn't know you got different items depending on how much you raised in donations! It was a nice surprise! After we turned in the rest of my donations we were able to just check things out.

 While we were visiting the booths we saw the most touching part of the Village. It was the Wall of Honor. People were putting the names of their loved ones or those they were riding for or, in many cases, names of Survivors on the Wall! We filled out one for each of the people we were riding for and hung them! It was pretty amazing! My mom and I rode for 10 different people either in Memory of or in Honor of! I felt honored to hang their names on this powerful wall!

So, Saturday was the day we were going to Mellow Johnny's and find where we were supposed to be on Sunday. Mom did not want us to be late for the ride because we got lost. Personally, I didn't really care about driving to Dripping Springs a day early but I'd do anything so we could go to Mellow Johnny's! I became very agreeable...LOL! 


Ok, I'm not sure I can do it justice because it was so overwheleming but if you're into bikes, cycling history, cycling clothes and, again, the list goes on this is the place to be! Mellow Johnny's was Party Central! They had a DJ in the parking lot, and the music was loud and rockin' also, free hamburgers and lots of samples of  energy bars. The place was packed and the SRAM car was right outside!

I can honestly say that I loved it there but my favorite part was downstairs! This is where a $100,000 worth of Lance Armstrong's bikes are on display! Man, I want his TT bike soooooo bad!!! They were all really awesome! I just sat there and dreamed!

Here I am! Mom caught me dreaming of a new bike!

Upstairs they have showers and locker rooms so you can ride your bike to work and not go to the office all sweaty! How about that??? They also have all seven Yellow Jersey's signed by Lance wouldn't it be cool to wear one of those???  Well, it was finally time to leave but as we were pulling out of the lot my mom saw a Surburan and had a feeling Lance was in there. We drove around a long time looking for another parking spot but no luck! We found out later that it really was Lance, Levi Leipheimer and Patrick Dempsey (from Grey's Anatomy)! We were bummed but we weren't really there to see them! We were there for a bigger reason! CANCER BITES!

Finally, it was Sunday and we were ready to ride! We got up very early and headed to Dripping Springs. There was soooooo much traffic I was really glad my mom made us get up way before the sun came up! We were getting our bikes ready when my mom went to air up her back tire and her Presta valve just fell out! So, we were changing a rear tire in the dark! Woo Hoo! Again, I'm sure glad we were early!

Found this hiding by the Tractor Supply store in Dripping Springs

We finally made it to the start area and heard Lance speak! It was very inspiring! I started looking around at all the Survivors and all the bibs people were wearing. It was pretty emotional! I knew my Poppy would be very proud of me! I was riding for so many people but Poppy was my original inspiration! He passed away from prostate cancer in November 2007. I just sat there thinking it had almost been 3 years since I lost my Poppy and now I was doing my part to help make a difference! I love you Poppy! It was finally time to ride!

Mom and me waiting to ride!

And...WE'RE OFF!!!!

When you leave it is many people...over 3100 cyclists! There are cheerleaders, high kick drill team and all the spectators cheering for you! I was ready to ride real fast but there were so many people it took awhile to go faster than 4-5 miles per hour. So, I was glad when I could start really riding! Ok, the deal I made with my mom was that I would not leave her! We were going to stay together no matter what! Well, I did pretty good! I stayed with her until everyone had to get off their bikes and carry them across the water on the road! Well, just passed this point was a VERY steep hill...looked to be about a 10% gradient! A lot of people just couldn't ride it and most were walking their bikes! I felt strong and my mom gave me permission to go climb! I smoked that wasn't really that hard I'm not sure why people didn't just ride it! Anyway, I never saw my mom again! OOPS! My blog says it all "I live for speed!"

So, I rode the last half of the ride by myself and when I crossed the finish line I felt AMAZING! I also heard the announcer say, "Let's hear it for Luke Neafus of Edmond, OK! He's a 13 year old that raised over a $1000! Great job Luke!" I just hung out waiting for my mom to come in! My Grams never saw me come across the finish line only heard my name announced! I finally found my mom and Grams! Grams had made us a really cool sign!

Alright, do you remember when I said I met some really nice people when we went to get our packets at the Village? Well, I went to the bathroom and who do you think saw me??? One of those really nice people...and he wanted to talk to my mom! He came over and asked her about my donations and if I had gotten a jersey. She explained that I had not raised enough for a jersey but it was my goal for next year. This very nice man said he really felt I deserved a jersey and wanted to buy me one! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? My mom, Grams and I were all shocked! He and my mom talked some more and the next thing I knew he and I were headed to the LIVESTRONG trailer. He bought me this really AWESOME LIVESTRONG jersey! I felt so thankful and lucky!  Thank you Larry! I will never forget your generosity!

I look AWESOME in my new LIVESTRONG jersey!!!
  Well, we finished off the day by going to various booths, eating a great lunch and talking to some truly incredible people! It was the GREATEST DAY and to top it off I got on the cover of Bicycling Magazine riding with Lance! LOL!

Lance we look cool but I am getting ready to pass you

I am so excited about next year! Oh YEA, I am going back next year! And, I plan to raise a minimum of $2,500 because I am going to start much earlier! Hey, Lance save a ride for me!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm currently working on my post about this amazing weekend! Please come back soon and see loads of pictures and hear about my incredible experience in Austin!

Monday, September 20, 2010


My mom and I will ride in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in 33 days! If you can help me reach my goal it would be greatly appreciated. I only need $205.73!!!! Thank you!

Me raising money for my LIVESTRONG ride!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rad Racing's New Team Members

Rob (coach), Luke, Sawyer, Dallas & Jay
I am really stoked! We got three new team members on Team Rad Racing! We all met on Monday and road with our coach, Rob Green. It was super windy. The news said we had straight winds of 25 mph but gusts were over 40 mph but it couldn't blow away the fun we had! I think it will be awesome to get to know these new guys better and looking forward to the racing season getting back in full swing! Go RAD!

The Birthday Trip! P.S. Thanks Grams!

Well, we had the best vacation! We went to Colorado with my Grams (for my birthday) and we had so much fun! Ok, so we got there on Friday but found out we weren't supposed to be there until Saturday...oops!!! Would there be room in the inn? I'm not sure how this happened!  Anyway, it worked out and they got us a room for Friday and then on Saturday we moved into our condo! We went to a concert on Saturday, Asleep at the Wheel, I had never heard of them but they were really good for country music! Everyone at the concert starting going down front and swing dancing. I danced with my Grams and later a lady asked me to dance! It was really fun!

Sunday was an awesome day! We brought our helmets, pedals and shoes so all we had to do was rent some bikes and we were ready to ride! It is amazing you can ride 90 miles and never get on a road...everywhere there are bike paths!!! You never see that in Oklahoma! So, it was a cyclist's dream and the altitude didn't bother me a bit! We rode Vail Pass and saw some amazing scenery! I liked the guy fly fishing right next to the mountain! AWESOME! Later that night after many hours on the bike we cooked pasta and went to our private movie theatre and it was really fun! We had the whole theatre to ourselves with big reclining chairs and huge bean bags. You could even make stars appear on the ceiling. It was a great way to end the PERFECT day!

Monday we drove to Manitou Springs to see my mom's high school friend! She has a really cool and BIG dog named Opal! Opal is an Irish Wolfhound but is a gentle giant! It was fun getting to know Judy (my mom's friend) and her dog Opal! I rode with them to see the Garden of the Gods and it started storming. A waterfall started forming near the Kissing Camels as we sat in this rainstorm! What a site to see! Then, my mom made me pose for some goofy pictures at Balancing Rock! I won't post those...too embarrassing!!!

 Tuesday was INCREDIBLE as we rafted the Arkansas River! The wildest part was when my mom and I got knocked out of the raft in the middle of a big rapid and had to ride it out! I totally saved my mom's life and when we were safely in the boat we were sad no one thought to take a picture of us going down the river! Later, our guide Travis pulled the raft over and we climbed up to jump off a rock cliff into the river! The fall was about 25' to the water! It was so fun! Oh by the way, the water was 46 degrees and that's cold!

Wednesday was a rest day! Thursday we were back on the adventure trail by going all through the backcountry of Leadville, CO on ATV's! It was really cool to be climbing the mountain, riding through the old mining areas and splashing through the mountain streams. The scenery was, to quote my mom "breathtaking". One of my favorite things was when we stopped and ate some wild raspberries! They were really sweet!

Friday night we did a Chuckwagon Dinner and Wild West show! The best part of this was when my dad was chosen to be part of the show! It was hysterical!

Well, I bet you can tell we had a great time! Saturday came way too fast and no one wanted to leave. My mom and I actually got job offers but we'd need one for my dad if we were really going to move there!Grams loved it but said she would only visit us in the snow for her! I know this...WE'LL BE BACK!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I haven't updated my blog for a while because of several reasons. First, my Grams had knee surgery so I was trying to help her as much as I could. Then, I got over 40 stings from FIRE ANTS! It was horrible... they got infected and blistered! Seriously, bites around my waist, between every finger, up my arms, behind my knees and on my feet!!! It was the worst thing ever! So, I had to take some time off from training.

Fire Ants are angry!
But, August 7th started the most amazing week! First, it started off with me training for my Time Trial with my coach, Rob Green, in Norman. We had a great time and I dig riding with him! He is an awesome coach and is helping me get faster and faster! I felt really ready to race!

We went to Tulsa on Thursday and it was hot but I was ready to unleash the beast! I was smokin' around the course (over 18 mph) and I was three quarters through the race when I knew I had a problem with my bike! Man, a flat tire! I was upset because I felt I was riding so good! Oh well, that's racing! The good news was that on the 1st 5K I had improved my time by 30 seconds from my earlier 5K race! So, I know I am improving! My coach is going to start working on my power for the next racing season! I am really stoked to go even faster! I LOVE SPEED!!!

Tulsa Time Trial
Friday we spent getting everything ready for my LIVESTRONG fundraiser! I could hardly wait till Saturday! I was going to officially be a teenager and I was spending my birthday with my family working for my favorite cause...cancer!

Luke's Lemonade for LIVESTRONG
Saturday was an amazing day! We had LUKE'S LEMONADE FOR LIVESTRONG and I have now raised over $700.00 total! I still have some time to met my goal of $1000.00. I feel confident I can do this! It was hard work getting ready and working the lemonade stand but wow it was worth it! I will say it was very hot my mom's car said 107 degrees when we left but I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday!!! I had lots of friends,cyclists, teachers and my coach come to support me! We also met some really great people who dislike cancer as much as I do! In case you missed it...I'm raising money to donate to LIVESTRONG and will ride with my mom in the Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge this October! I think it will be an amazing trip!

Coach Green fitting the new helmet!
Anyway, we came home and my grandparents, aunt and uncle were here to celebrate my big day! We ordered Hideaway Pizza, watched the Rams/Vikings play, ate cake and of course, opened some gifts! I got a PINK Road ID (to show support for breast cancer and FYI...chicks dig pink), an amazing wireless mouse, new Keens, money and a LIVESTRONG donation plus an AWESOME new cycling helmet (it will look great with my kit)!!! It was the best birthDAY ever!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey, come out and help me celebrate my 13th birthday!!! I will be hosting a fundraiser for my LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE ride against cancer!!! Please mark your calendars: August 14th, 9AM-2PM, SE corner 33rd & Blvd Edmond, "Luke's Lemonade Benefiting LIVESTRONG". I"ll have lemonade, of course, but also Gatorade, bottled water,  LIVESTRONG® Wristbands, Team LIVESTRONG stickers and Cancer Support flyers! Please stop by this fundraiser, have a glass of ice cold lemonade and wish me a Happy Birthday! Donations are kindly appreciated! If you cannot attend but would like to still make a donation please see the LIVESTRONG thermometer to the right and click DONATE! Thank you! It takes all of us to put an end to the UGLY disease!

DISCLAIMER: This event is hosted by a LIVESTRONG fundraiser to raise funds for LIVESTRONG. This is not an official LIVESTRONG-hosted event, but all proceeds benefit LIVESTRONG.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Austin, TX Oct 23-24, 2010

Join Team LIVESTRONG with me and fight cancer!

I am raising money so I can participate in this year's LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin! This is a very important charity to me because I lost one of my best friends to prostate cancer. My Poppy was an awesome granddad, father, husband, friend, golfer and one of my bestest buddies. It was the saddest day of my life when he passed away. I put my yellow Livestrong bracelet on and have never taken it off. I want to help raise money so we can put an end to CANCER! I don't want anybody else to lose someone they love like I did. It hurts really bad! If we all pull together we can be sure that others get the help they need. You never know it could be you that needs the help! Please click on  DONATE  to help put an end to this really yucky disease!

As part of Team LIVESTRONG, I’m making a difference in the fight against cancer. I’ve joined with other people around the globe and across different events to raise money for LIVESTRONG. We may not all live in the same city or participate in the same sport but we’re united by hope, courage and determination.

The money I raise will go to support LIVESTRONG’s programs and services, which inspire and empower people affected by cancer. If you or someone you know is diagnosed, these resources will help face the challenges of cancer, head on, and live life on your own terms.

Please support me as I make a difference in the cancer fight through my participation in Team LIVESTRONG. Thank you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Surprise!

What an exciting night! I got a surprise visit from Bill Wylie with OKC Velo Club. He gave me this trophy from when I raced in the OKC Velo Time Trial Series! I was very excited to receive it! I have put it right up with my other trophies and I am very proud! Thanks OKC Velo!

Friday, July 9, 2010

TW Thursday Night Time Trial-July 8, 2010

Last night was another night of racing but it had a crazy start! First, when we left our house and it was sunny to partly cloudy but on the way to Tulsa we drove through a huge rainstorm. I was praying the sun would burn off the clouds and the rain would go away so I could still race! It seemed to be working until we got to Sapulpa and the heavens opened up. My dad couldn't even see the was CRAZY! We picked up my grandparents and still it was raining. We were hoping I would be able to race. We got to the race site and luckily the rain had slowed. Then, the changes began! Ok, so first they changed the race start time due to the rain ( I had eaten my pre-race meal too early), then, I got a flat and we had to change my tube...but my tire was airing up funny!  We had to take it off and start over because the tube had gotten twisted. Then, during my warm-up I noticed my wheel was really loose and we discovered my front hub was not tight. Next, they changed the distance of the race. It was originally scheduled to be a 10K TT but they changed it to a 15K. Next, I had completed my warm-up and was at the start line 3 minutes before my start time but it was delayed again and they changed my start time and so I sat! Ok...finally no more changes and the race began! I still put in a pretty good time even with all the changes! I finished the 15K in 32.07 with an average 17.37 mph...not too bad I guess for my age and first year of racing! It's hard to know if I am doing good for my age because there aren't a lot of other Jr. racers where I live. So, I compare myself to the older kids and the men and think that might be a little slow but I'm working on it. I will keep improving! Please keep checking back on my progress and you will see my speed increase!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Sponsor...Awesome!

Well, I found out today we have a new sponsor! I am very excited! It is Landmark Fine Homes. Thank you for supporting our team! If you would like to make a tax deductible donation it is EASY just click DONATE or you too can become a sponsor by contacting my coach, Rob Green or call him @ 405-520-1409. We really could use your help! And, you just might get mentioned on my blog!

Monday, July 5, 2010


I've been waiting for the Tour de France and it finally got here!!! I was happy with how some of my favorite riders did in the Prologue. And if an American (Lance, Levi, Hincapie, Zabriskie or Vande Velde) couldn't be in yellow my next choice would be Fabian Cancellara..woooo hoooo! Yesterday my favorite sprinters were all taken out with some crazy crashes right at the end of Stage 1! It was WACKY!!! It should be a great tour and I can't wait for Tuesday's stage on the pave!

I also am getting ready for my next race! I will be racing Thursday and I am hoping for some good results! I will keep you posted!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Love our new team kits!

I just got my new team kit today and I think it is really cool! I just wanted to post pictures of it and say thank you to my coach, Rob Green! I would like to say thank you to our sponsors Buchanan Bicyles, Vittoria Tires, Ideal Homes, The Forest Group, 405 Bicycles, University Barbarshop, Pauls Valley National Bank, and GB CPAs! You guys all rock!!!! Thank you for all you do for Team Rad Racing!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anything for SPEED!!!

Well, I've been thinking about my upcoming Time Trial next week! I know I've been training but cyclists are always looking for anything to shave off some time. There are many options to consider a new TT bike, lighter pedals, carbon wheels, flat spokes, areobars, and the list goes on! Well, my parents weren't really ready to spend the $$$$ for some of those items so, I decided to get creative! I got a haircut! It was much cheaper and very's a MOHAWK!!!! Yep...I LOVE IT!!!!'re never going to believe Grams started calling me Little Brave Rides Real Fast...she thinks she's pretty funny! Anyway, I'm hoping it will take at least few seconds off!!! Check it out!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Can you believe how LUCKY I am???

I feel like the luckiest boy in the WHOLE world! I got a package in the mail and it was full of the most AWESOME stuff! Apparently, my doctor, Dr. Andrea Key,  talked to another doctor, in California  (Dr. Joseph Wilson--he's a cardiothoracic surgeon), about me and my cycling. He,then, talked to some of his associates and he sent me the coolest stuff! I got a program from the Amgen Tour of California (ATOC), ATOC Volunteer t-shirt, Team Radioshack ATOC t-shirt, Team Radioshack cycling cap, Mavic cowbell (my parents will use this at my races), Livestrong Road Chalk, Le Tour de France cycling socks and like all that wasn't enough...he also sent an ATOC yellow jersey signed by FABIAN CANCELLARA! He won the Prologue stage in the 2008 ATOC and he been the World Time Trial CHAMPION three times!!! WOW!!!!! Can you say I'm lucky or what??? Thank you, thank you, thank you to both doctors!! I was so stoked I have shown my cool stuff to some my cycling buddies and they are very jealous!!! I wear my cap everyday and my socks are very comfortable! We have decided to frame the yellow jersey and put in my "Guy Room"! It is going to look incredible! Oh yea, I feel LUCKY!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Congratulations to all Time Trial Jersey Winners

Results from Oklahoma State TT - Monday, June 21, 2010

Congratulations to the jersey winners for the 2010 Oklahoma State Time Trial Championship

Men 1/2: William Gault - Tulsa Tough Racing

Women 1/2/3: Helene Carabin - Tulsa Tough Racing

Men 40-49: Gil Summy - OKC Velo

Men 50-59: Les Banta - Team PG13

Men 60+: Charles Hetrick - OKC Velo

Women 40+: Martha Royall - Team Undiscovered

Junior 17-18: Carl Sullivan - Team Power Train

Junior 10-14: Luke Neafus - Team Rad Racing Club

Men Cat 3: Andy Chasteen - DNA Racing

Men Cat 4: Drew Lawrence - The Bicycle Store/OBRU

Women Cat 4: Kelsey Swinford - Team Undiscovered

Great job to all the racers!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue Canyon State Championship Time Trial-June 20, 2010

This was a great weekend of ridng and racing for Team Rad Racing! Saturday I rode, with my family, in the Baptist Children's Home ride! We were only going to ride the 10.5 mile course because I had State Time Trials the next day. I saw my coach there and he said if it was too easy I could ride it twice! So, that's what we did! I loved it and we even lapped people on our second lap! They served a great lunch but the best parts are I was helping raise money and awareness for a really worthy organization as well as riding with my family! that night my parents had finally agreed that I could shave my legs for the first time! It was really cool! My mom helped me so I didn't cut my legs up right before my big race the next day! I loved it but I will tell you the sheets felt really funny when I first went to bed. My parents are so cool to let me do this! I feel like a big time racer now!

Well, Sunday was an interesting day! My start time was at 9:03 and it was already hot, humid and windy. I took off and two miles into the race I flatted. So, my parents were coming to change the tube but I guess they didn't see me on the side of the road and drove right past! They were still looking for me when the race director's wife picked me up and took me back to the Start/Finish tent. My parents met me back there and we changed my flat. The race director allowed me to restart as the last rider.

I was very happy I was going to get to race but I will tell you it was more hot, more humid and more windy by then! Did I mention we were very close to a wind farm? Oh well, I was still happy to race! I was very surprised at the course. I expected it to be flatter and very few cars but it had some good inclines and a lot of lake traffic. But, I just rode my race hard and fast. I had max speed of 27 mph and averaged around 16 mph, not too bad for the conditions! So, I rode a 20k in 47.07 and I was pleased but as always I wanted to do better. I still had a GREAT outcome! I won Jr. 10-14 State Championship! WOW...2 State Championships (Crit and TT) and it is just my first year AWESOME! Thanks to my sponsor Vittoria Tires they help me roll really fast!
After the race, we drove to get a famous Meersburger! It was yummy! As we were leaving though a huge turkey flew into the driver's window of our car!!! It was a good thing the window was up but it was scary! The good news is the car is ok, we are ok and the turkey is ok!!! Next, we drove to the top of Mt. Scott and took the picture with my new championship jersey! It was beautiful up there! After that, we drove through the Wildlife Preserve and we saw a herd of buffalos, some longhorns, lots of pairie dogs and even found some buffalo fur! It was a great day with my family! My dad said it was his best Father's Day ever! 
Thanks Dad...I love you! But, remember Mom is still my agent!