Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue Canyon State Championship Time Trial-June 20, 2010

This was a great weekend of ridng and racing for Team Rad Racing! Saturday I rode, with my family, in the Baptist Children's Home ride! We were only going to ride the 10.5 mile course because I had State Time Trials the next day. I saw my coach there and he said if it was too easy I could ride it twice! So, that's what we did! I loved it and we even lapped people on our second lap! They served a great lunch but the best parts are I was helping raise money and awareness for a really worthy organization as well as riding with my family! that night my parents had finally agreed that I could shave my legs for the first time! It was really cool! My mom helped me so I didn't cut my legs up right before my big race the next day! I loved it but I will tell you the sheets felt really funny when I first went to bed. My parents are so cool to let me do this! I feel like a big time racer now!

Well, Sunday was an interesting day! My start time was at 9:03 and it was already hot, humid and windy. I took off and two miles into the race I flatted. So, my parents were coming to change the tube but I guess they didn't see me on the side of the road and drove right past! They were still looking for me when the race director's wife picked me up and took me back to the Start/Finish tent. My parents met me back there and we changed my flat. The race director allowed me to restart as the last rider.

I was very happy I was going to get to race but I will tell you it was more hot, more humid and more windy by then! Did I mention we were very close to a wind farm? Oh well, I was still happy to race! I was very surprised at the course. I expected it to be flatter and very few cars but it had some good inclines and a lot of lake traffic. But, I just rode my race hard and fast. I had max speed of 27 mph and averaged around 16 mph, not too bad for the conditions! So, I rode a 20k in 47.07 and I was pleased but as always I wanted to do better. I still had a GREAT outcome! I won Jr. 10-14 State Championship! WOW...2 State Championships (Crit and TT) and it is just my first year AWESOME! Thanks to my sponsor Vittoria Tires they help me roll really fast!
After the race, we drove to get a famous Meersburger! It was yummy! As we were leaving though a huge turkey flew into the driver's window of our car!!! It was a good thing the window was up but it was scary! The good news is the car is ok, we are ok and the turkey is ok!!! Next, we drove to the top of Mt. Scott and took the picture with my new championship jersey! It was beautiful up there! After that, we drove through the Wildlife Preserve and we saw a herd of buffalos, some longhorns, lots of pairie dogs and even found some buffalo fur! It was a great day with my family! My dad said it was his best Father's Day ever! 
Thanks Dad...I love you! But, remember Mom is still my agent!

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  1. The pics are awesome, sounds like you did have a Great Day!
    Shaved legs one can keep up with you now.