Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Racing Season Debut

Well, the 2012 racing season is underway in Oklahoma. It always starts with the Salty Creek Criterium/Tall Chief Cove Road Race. I had signed up to race in the Jr. category for both days but when I got there, on Saturday, they informed me that the Jr. road race had been cancelled for Sunday due to bad weather being forcast. I was really disappointed. So, my coach Mark Teruki suggested I race in the Men's 4/5. I was excited to be able to race, since I wanted to see if I had improved since last year, but I was a little nervous to be in my first men's race.

Saturday's criterium went OK. I made a major mistake at the beginning and although I finished closing the gap and feeling really strong at the end it was too late to make up the time I needed. I took third and learned something for future races. One thing about racing is you are always learning and getting more chances to do better!

Sunday I woke up feeling ready for the road race! I ate my new race breakfast, courtesy of Biju Thomas, and knew I was feeling better today. It was cold and wet and started pouring just before our race began. I felt really good and when the day was done I had taken 29 minutes off my time from last year and placed 11th. It was a long way from a win but it felt like a victory in a small way to me. I overcame my nerves, raced with men and showed a significant improvement over last year. I know I haven't come even close to my full potential and I will continue training hard but I will take small victories and build off them!

Next race...TIME TRIAL...this weekend!