Friday, December 10, 2010

Unique Gift Ideas for Cyclists-2010

Ok, so we've been looking for some unique or great ideas to give my friends who are cyclists but many sites had some very lame ideas, i.e., 1. Get them a Helmet! REALLY??? If you are a cyclist I bet you already have a helmet...unless you had a crash and busted up your old one. In which case, you might not be riding for awhile since you'll have to lay low while your injuries heal! So, I decided to put together a list of my favorite gift ideas (links to the sites are provided)! And, if anybody wants to get me something for the holidays well, I would love any of these things!

(sounds like that could be a catchy song...hmmm)

1. Ok, by now you know I support LIVESTRONG. So, here are several ideas along this line.

     a.  Make a donation to your athlete's favorite charity in their name. Any Charity--Any Amount
     b. Anything on the LIVESTRONG store site
     c. Or, how about for those who can't be without their phone a new LIVESTRONG cover, earbuds  or itouch arm band from Radioshack  Price: $9.99-49.99

2.  Road ID-This will be a priceless gift if it is ever needed in an emergency! This is an awesome gift for anyone-cyclist, runner, swimmer, anyone who travels or drives a car, walks to work or rides the train. And, for those of you who shop late...they even have eCards available. The best part is they will make a donation to one of 7 charities, of your choice, just because you bought their product.
Price: $21.49-31.48 (includes shipping costs for eCard).

3.  Basket of Energy-fill a basket your athlete's favorite goodies! I love the Honey Stinger Waffles, Bonk Breakers, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, Shot Blocks and Clif Bars ( usually buy these at my sponsor's shop Buchanan Bicycles in Norman), Gatorade or Powerade. My mom says, "Make it fun and festive with bright colored tissue paper or be green and use the comic pages from your newspaper...then they have some reading material as well!" She's always looking for ways to get people to read!
Price: Varies by how small or big you want to make your basket

4.  Speaking of reading how about a book about cycling? There are tons and so, I provided a link that will take you thousands with just one click! BOOKS will take you straight there and if they have a Kindle you will save money and trees!
Price: Varies

5.  What about keeping our feet warm and dry? Neoprene shoe covers (with zippers or velco please) would be awesome! These are available from lots of different companies but you've got to know their shoe size! I wear a EURO 40...hint, hint!
Price: Varies

6.  True Religion T-shirt: Great gift to give so that when your not on your bike and wearing your favorite jersey you can still honor the lifestyle you love and it's pretty cool looking!
Price: $29.95 plus shipping

Front View
Back View

 7.  Wool Socks-another amazing gift...I must be cold today! Anyway, these make a perfect standalone gift or stocking stuffer! There are many companies that make these but here are a few:
     a.  SmartWool Price: $13.95-39.95
     b.  Specialized Price: $16.00
     c.  Pearl Izumi Price: $18.00

8.  There are loads of ideas for under $30 at VeloGear. They have apparel, home & office, books & dvd's, accessories. Here's a couple of pictures of my favorites!

Business Card holder

9. Grease Monkey Wipes-They will love these degreaser wipes! You can carry them in your jersey pocket and clean up after you complete a tire change or put your chain back on! We've all been there and then trying to clean our hands in the grass. These are awesome and have a citrus scent...nothing flowery!
Price: $24 for a box of 24 but this link list them at $20.98

There are many more ideas but hopefully this will help you surprise that special athlete in your life with something they will LOVE! Mostly, I hope you've been good and Santa doesn't have to bring you coal for your stocking!

I hope you have a very HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a super NEW YEAR!

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