Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I haven't updated my blog for a while because of several reasons. First, my Grams had knee surgery so I was trying to help her as much as I could. Then, I got over 40 stings from FIRE ANTS! It was horrible... they got infected and blistered! Seriously, bites around my waist, between every finger, up my arms, behind my knees and on my feet!!! It was the worst thing ever! So, I had to take some time off from training.

Fire Ants are angry!
But, August 7th started the most amazing week! First, it started off with me training for my Time Trial with my coach, Rob Green, in Norman. We had a great time and I dig riding with him! He is an awesome coach and is helping me get faster and faster! I felt really ready to race!

We went to Tulsa on Thursday and it was hot but I was ready to unleash the beast! I was smokin' around the course (over 18 mph) and I was three quarters through the race when I knew I had a problem with my bike! Man, a flat tire! I was upset because I felt I was riding so good! Oh well, that's racing! The good news was that on the 1st 5K I had improved my time by 30 seconds from my earlier 5K race! So, I know I am improving! My coach is going to start working on my power for the next racing season! I am really stoked to go even faster! I LOVE SPEED!!!

Tulsa Time Trial
Friday we spent getting everything ready for my LIVESTRONG fundraiser! I could hardly wait till Saturday! I was going to officially be a teenager and I was spending my birthday with my family working for my favorite cause...cancer!

Luke's Lemonade for LIVESTRONG
Saturday was an amazing day! We had LUKE'S LEMONADE FOR LIVESTRONG and I have now raised over $700.00 total! I still have some time to met my goal of $1000.00. I feel confident I can do this! It was hard work getting ready and working the lemonade stand but wow it was worth it! I will say it was very hot my mom's car said 107 degrees when we left but I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday!!! I had lots of friends,cyclists, teachers and my coach come to support me! We also met some really great people who dislike cancer as much as I do! In case you missed it...I'm raising money to donate to LIVESTRONG and will ride with my mom in the Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge this October! I think it will be an amazing trip!

Coach Green fitting the new helmet!
Anyway, we came home and my grandparents, aunt and uncle were here to celebrate my big day! We ordered Hideaway Pizza, watched the Rams/Vikings play, ate cake and of course, opened some gifts! I got a PINK Road ID (to show support for breast cancer and FYI...chicks dig pink), an amazing wireless mouse, new Keens, money and a LIVESTRONG donation plus an AWESOME new cycling helmet (it will look great with my kit)!!! It was the best birthDAY ever!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey, come out and help me celebrate my 13th birthday!!! I will be hosting a fundraiser for my LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE ride against cancer!!! Please mark your calendars: August 14th, 9AM-2PM, SE corner 33rd & Blvd Edmond, "Luke's Lemonade Benefiting LIVESTRONG". I"ll have lemonade, of course, but also Gatorade, bottled water,  LIVESTRONG® Wristbands, Team LIVESTRONG stickers and Cancer Support flyers! Please stop by this fundraiser, have a glass of ice cold lemonade and wish me a Happy Birthday! Donations are kindly appreciated! If you cannot attend but would like to still make a donation please see the LIVESTRONG thermometer to the right and click DONATE! Thank you! It takes all of us to put an end to the UGLY disease!

DISCLAIMER: This event is hosted by a LIVESTRONG fundraiser to raise funds for LIVESTRONG. This is not an official LIVESTRONG-hosted event, but all proceeds benefit LIVESTRONG.