Thursday, November 1, 2012


October has been an exciting and interesting month. First, let’s talk about the obvious thing so you understand my feelings about the news that has been on every news channel around the world...LANCE ARMSTRONG! I have my personal feelings about Lance and you may or may not share the same feelings but those feelings. The news was about him as a cyclist and the choices he may have made or did not make. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there and I don’t truly understand the pressures of having to compete at that level and what’s asked of you everyday. What I do understand is that he IS a cancer survivor! He and his foundation have made a difference in the lives of millions around the world. I will always proudly wear my yellow wristband until there is no longer a need because cancer has been cured. I will continue to support LIVESTRONG as they help those affected by cancer, their families and friends. I hope you will join me! I have included a video, set to music, so you can see what LIVESTRONG has done for millions since it began

Now, for the Luke’s 5-Line was an amazing event! Our biggest hurdle was the weather which we couldn’t control. We woke up Saturday morning to bitter cold, rain and fog. Although the weather was crummy the spirit of our riders couldn’t be dampened. We went out, did the best we could to stay warm and dry and had a blast doing it! The community support was amazing, especially Felt Schools. They moved their Power Stop to their basketball gym and we were greeted by a cheering crowd and Felt cheerleaders. The gym was all decorated and we had a nice warm, dry place to eat some lunch, then get back on the road! After the ride, we had a great time back at camp with music by The Dizzy Pickers, a fabulous meal and some even enjoyed the beer donated by Black Mesa Brewing Co. We all had a super time! We are already planning for next year and are seeking a corporate sponsor so we can even make it even bigger!

During the concert by The Dizzy Pickers we drew the name of our raffle winner, John Otjen! Congratulations to John on winning the Trek LIVESTRONG FX! He told us he was giving it to his mom to help her with the rehab of her recent knee surgery! I know she’ll love it!

Luke & John
 As you know, my goal this year was to raise $20,000. I didn’t reach that goal but was still really happy to have raised $10,114! I have now raised over $21,000 in the past three years for LIVESTRONG. I also qualified for the Ride for the Roses for the second year in a row. I participated in that event this past weekend in Austin. It was a blast to see all my LIVESTRONG friends I have met over Twitter, Facebook and last year Challenge. We attended the 15 year LIVESTRONG Gala on Friday night, dinner at Lance Armstrong’s on Saturday and then rode 65 miles on Sunday! When I crossed the finish line I hugged my mom and told her that I did this for Poppy! I actually put so many names this year on the LIVESTRONG Tribute Wall and I rode carrying all of them with me! I was honored to be able to ride side-by-side with many survivors as well as those, who like me, had lost someone they loved or honoring those still in the middle of the fight! This is what LIVESTRONG is, family, support!

Brad, Jennifer, mom & me

Lance & Luke 2012

Caner Warriors Scott Joy, Steve Bartolucci, me & Brad Didier
 If you get a chance go to our website and see our picture gallery from our ride

Thank you to all of you who have supported me in 2012 or in the past. I will continue to fight for those who are in need! The funds I raised will be used to help support LIVESTRONG services. These services include, but are not limited to, call-in cancer information line, survivorship planning tools, alliance of young adult cancer organizations, LIVESTRONG at School program, and now, an on-site patient navigation service (walk-in, for under-served and those without insurance), information classes and webinars, so thank you as you are truly part of making a difference in people’s lives.

I hope I can count on your continued support in 2013!