Friday, July 9, 2010

TW Thursday Night Time Trial-July 8, 2010

Last night was another night of racing but it had a crazy start! First, when we left our house and it was sunny to partly cloudy but on the way to Tulsa we drove through a huge rainstorm. I was praying the sun would burn off the clouds and the rain would go away so I could still race! It seemed to be working until we got to Sapulpa and the heavens opened up. My dad couldn't even see the was CRAZY! We picked up my grandparents and still it was raining. We were hoping I would be able to race. We got to the race site and luckily the rain had slowed. Then, the changes began! Ok, so first they changed the race start time due to the rain ( I had eaten my pre-race meal too early), then, I got a flat and we had to change my tube...but my tire was airing up funny!  We had to take it off and start over because the tube had gotten twisted. Then, during my warm-up I noticed my wheel was really loose and we discovered my front hub was not tight. Next, they changed the distance of the race. It was originally scheduled to be a 10K TT but they changed it to a 15K. Next, I had completed my warm-up and was at the start line 3 minutes before my start time but it was delayed again and they changed my start time and so I sat! Ok...finally no more changes and the race began! I still put in a pretty good time even with all the changes! I finished the 15K in 32.07 with an average 17.37 mph...not too bad I guess for my age and first year of racing! It's hard to know if I am doing good for my age because there aren't a lot of other Jr. racers where I live. So, I compare myself to the older kids and the men and think that might be a little slow but I'm working on it. I will keep improving! Please keep checking back on my progress and you will see my speed increase!

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