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OK, I have been racing so much I haven't had enough time to catch on my blog! So, I don't wear you out and I'll split these up into at least two posts! Sorry but this is going to cover many races. I will try to not write too much! BUT...No Promises!
OKC Velo TT March 19, 2011

It was a chilly day!
So, after the Salt Creek and Talk Chief races I was preparing for my first TT of the season. I love participating in the OKC Velo TT Series. Although, I didn't post the fastest time that day I still set a personal best. Last year was this was my first TT of the season too and from that TT to this one I have taken a total of 4 minutes and 26 seconds off my time. Although I am not as fast as I want to be yet I am pleased with my progress.

I love my Honey Stingers!

Bringing it Home!

NW Arkansas Spring Classic March 27, 2011

Can you say COLD?  This was a crazy race for many reasons but I will only talk about some of it! First, a cold front came through Arkansas this weekend and temperatures dropped into the 30's and it was sleeting on us during the race. This was a 24 mile road race and it was part of the Lance Armstrong Junior Race Series. Well, it all started pretty good but I learned a valuable lesson on this day. And, that is no matter who they are or what their intentions I will NEVER let anyone work on my bike during a race again. Anyway, after this happened I was never able to get my bike to shift properly again. This was not the course to be stuck in a bad gear...Weaver Hill was looming. OK, it is a 1/2 mile climb and it's not pretty but I didn't quit! I climbed that hill...ugly...but I climbed it! I really can't remember ever being unhappy on a bike but I have to say this was my worst day ever. I just kept thinking "Lance Armstrong Never Quit" and neither would I. I got a medal but wished I'd had a better day on the bike. 

I just have to tell you it was so cold my buddy Ryan, a Cat 2 racer, lost complete feeling in his left arm. They, obviously, went longer than the Jr.s but he had to reach over his body to shift his front derailleur and he still had a great placing! Great job buddy! 

Trying to bring it

Lincoln Road Race April 10, 2011

1st Place

I have one word for this race...WIND!! Wind gusts close to 50 mph is what I heard people saying! I just know it was WINDY! I left the race with a 1st place trophy and I felt strong. I was still having some gear problems but I just trying to work through them! Good day overall!

OK, I will not post anymore tonight! Stay tuned Part II will be along shortly! And, remember always LIVESTRONG.