Monday, February 18, 2013

DNA Racing Team 2013

Changes for mom has been helping me with my blog in the past. But, this's all me! Well, she'll probably help with typing she's faster than me! Thanks for everything mom!

I'm on a new cycling team. It's called DNA Racing. Their website will be updated soon. I think they will really help me get stronger and be a better racer. There are great guys on this team. They work really hard. I'm really honored to be a part of their Jr. Development Team!

Time Trial

I was invited to the team camp. We stayed at a ranch house. Thank you Mr. Little! Thanks to Chad, Andy, Andrew, Steven, Aaron, Beau, Evan, Tony, Erin, Rob, Biff, Mark, Ryan, and many others including sponsors for making camp possible and super awesome! We had so much fun! We introduced ourselves to our new team members, Chad and Mark talked about what we needed to work on this year and we put in a lot of miles on our bikes. One night Mark brought a movie for us to watch about Team HTC Columbia, Chasing a Legend. It was amazing! I felt like a star with so many was like we were getting a lot of press!

Getting ready to start road race

This past weekend I went to Mineral Wells and they had a big stage race--a crit, time trial and a road race. I have been getting up so early to go train with my team on Saturdays. We start at Elemental Coffee, ride out and around Lake Hefner and then back to Elemental Coffee to pick up some additional riders and then put in more miles. I think this is really improving my speed and confidence. I think getting up early is paying off. I was happy with my results from the race in Mineral Wells. My road race I placed 6th, crit I was 9th and my time trial I came in 5th. I ended up 6th in the GC and 4th in the Team GC! Lee McDaniel took this awesome picture of me at the top of the BIG climb! Thank you Mr. McDaniel!