Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UPDATE: Going, Going, Gone


I have added another item to my LIVESTRONG auction!

You've got to check this out! This item is an autographed jersey signed by four elite NFL players who all played college football at the University of Oklahoma. The autographs are those of Adrian Peterson, Roy Williams, Mark Clayton & Tommie Harris. A true collectible if you love NCAA and NFL football. One or all of these players is sure to be in the NFL Hall of Fame!

Jersey Description:
This jersey is signed by the following NFL players (more pics on eBay):
Adrian Peterson (signed jersey on #4-back):
nickname "A.D." for "All Day", running back, drafted 7th in the 1st round of 2007 NFL Draft, played college football at University of Oklahoma #28, his awards are numerous including: 2004 Heisman Trophy finalist, Jim Brown Trophy winner, Hall Trophy, Doak Walker Award finalist, First Team AP All-Freshman, First-team consensus All-American, 4 time Pro Bowl selection (2007-2010), 2007 NFL Rookie of the Year, 2007 Pro Bowl MVP, 4 time All-Pro selection, 2008 named FedEx Ground Player of the Year, received an ESPY Award and held the Rushing Title (1760 yards), 2009 Sports Illustrated All-Decade Team. Adrian has also set many NFL Records including: Most 200-yard rushing games for a rookie (2), Most yards rushing in the first eight games (1,036), Most yards rushing in a single game (296), Second rookie ever to win Pro Bowl MVP, Pro Bowl record in career rushing touchdowns (4), plays for the Minnesota Vikings #28 (2007-present)
Roy Williams (signed jersey on Left back shoulder):
safety, drafted 8th in the 1st round of 2002 NFL Draft, played college football at University of Oklahoma #38, his awards include: winner of the Bronko Nagurski Trophy (2001), Jim Thorpe Award (2001), 5 time Pro Bowl selection (2003-2007), All-Pro selection (2003), played for the Dallas Cowboys #31 (2002-2008) & Cincinnati Bengals #31 (2009-present)
Mark Clayton (signed on Right back shoulder):
wide receiver, drafted 22nd in the 1st round of 2005 NFL Draft, played college football at University of Oklahoma #9, his awards include: 2003 & 2004 All-American and All-Big 12 honors, Biletnikoff Award finalist, played for the Baltimore Ravens #89 (2005-2009) & St. Louis Rams #89 (2010-present), 14 Receiving TD's in 2010
defensive tackle, drafted 14th in the 1st round of 2004 NFL draft, played college football at University of Oklahoma #97, his awards include: 2003 winner of the Lombardi Award and Bill Willis Trophy, 3 time Pro Bowl selection (2005-2007), played for the Chicago Bears #91 (2004-2010), currently a Free Agent (signed on Right Back shoulder):
Tommie Harris (signed on Right Back shoulder):
defensive tackle, drafted 14th in the 1st round of 2004 NFL draft, played college football at University of Oklahoma #97, his awards include: 2003 winner of the Lombardi Award and Bill Willis Trophy, 3 time Pro Bowl selection (2005-2007), played for the Chicago Bears #91 (2004-2010), currently a Free Agent

Thank you for your bid and your help!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Auction Has Started


My LIVESTRONG auction started on June 17th. It is to help me reach my LIVESTRONG fundraising goals. I will be giving 100% of the proceeds from these auctions to LIVESTRONG. Please check it out http://bit.ly/liYeh7 and bid often!

I have a signed, Original 1:1 piece of art. It was painted exclusively for me to auction to benefit LIVESTRONG. The artist is David Noah and it is such an amazing piece you gotta go check it out on eBay and look at all the pictures! There is so much detail! If you're a runner, triathlete, cyclist or just like Urban Art you will LOVE this! It's hard to sell it but doing so will help MILLIONS living with cancer. So, it's a no brainer...I'm selling it! Thanks to the artist who donated this amazing piece!

I'm also auctioning a 2005 Commenorative Edition of Sports Illustrated, SIGNED BY LANCE ARMSTRONG! Are you kidding me??? This guy is a father of 5, a cancer survivor, founder of LIVESTRONG, an inspiration and face of hope to those with cancer and he does this little thing...like ride a bike! He's the  SEVEN time winner of the Tour de France!!!

 My final piece is an official Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team cap and it's autographed by GEORGE HINCAPIE! If you watch cycling you probably love BIG GEORGE just like I do! And, it just announced he will be riding in his 16th Tour de France starting July 2nd!I can't wait! I think this is a real treasure!

Thank you to the gentleman who so generously donated these last two items! Mr. Millar, YOU ROCK DUDE! The story that goes with how you got them is incredible! Thanks for sharing! Want to know more? Check out the auction!

These auctions will be closing on Monday June 27th! You better be sure you don't miss out on these amazing items!

I might be young but I will NEVER QUIT cycling and using my bike to help others! I will be riding in Austin, TX this year in the LIVESTRONG Challenge honoring the memory of my POPPY!

I hope you can help me reach my goal! I will add your family member, loved one or friend to my jersey with a donation. Just send me their name(s) to lukeisthebikeman@gmail.com. Thank you in advance!
Jersey Ride:

C Kavanaugh
A Ersman


My Poppy
R Slawson
I Yeager

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


June 18th @ 7:00 PM vs Washington
Purchase a ticket and a LIVESTRONG shirt for ONLY $20

Do you know someone who is or has been affected by Cancer? For an additional $25 you can honor them by getting their name on the scoreboard.

All proceeds collected that night will go towards the LIVESTRONG Foundation.


Phone Number________________________________________




# of Tickets_____ Price per ticket: $20

Scoreboard Message: $25 circle yes or no

Total Price :___________________

Name on Scoreboard:_________________________________

# of Shirts:_________

Shirt Sizes:_________________________________________

Payment Method: Cash Check Credit Card

CC#_____________________________Exp Date: ____________

Tulsa Shock 918.949.9700  918.949.9794 (f)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tulsa Tough June 10-12, 2011


I stole that from a t-shirt but it tells the story. If you have never been to Tulsa Tough as a cyclist or a fan you really should plan on it next year! I can't tell you how much fun this weekend was...you just have to experience it to understand!

My new friend Noah, dad, mom and me!
Biju & me
Friday was AMAZING. My new friend, Noah Roberts had invited me and my family to the VIP Reception at Lee's Bicycles to watch the races. We were right by the Start/Finish line, had great food and I met some even greater people. Noah, brought the canvas he had painted for my LIVESTRONG auction. It is awesome I promise you! Then, he introduced me to Biju Thomas the chef for Team Radioshack and MapMyFitness. He has got a cookbook coming out in October and he told my mom about some recipes for cyclists. I was able to watch several categories race but really liked watching the Pros race at night under the lights. While the Cat 1-2 racers were racing a storm blew in with heavy rain and lightning. It was very slick and caused some big crashes. CRAZY! There was a bit of delay before the Pros started so the rain could clear out. GOOD NEWS: Great Race BAD NEWS: Roads were still wet and slick!

Saturday was my first day to race at Tulsa Tough. I need to be honest, I was a little nervous thinking about the day. I got up early and mom made me Biju's special oatmeal...it was YUMMY! I didn't race until later in the day so, I also got to try his pasta recipe! WOW...mom is definitely buying his cookbook!

Team Rad warming up
The course today was shaped like an "L" so, I thought that was a good sign. As soon as I got on the course I wasn't nervous anymore. I am never happier than when I'm on my bike except when I'm on it racing, working with my teammates and passing people! I think the one thing I was nervous about was the fact that the Chipotle Jr. Development Team was racing in the Jrs. They have been racing in Belgium and are already Cat 1-2 racers. I knew I just needed to go do my race! I finished the race and got 4th in my age group. I wished I had done better but the Thursday before my doctor said I still had bronchitis and now an ear infection so, I wasn't a 100% coming into this weekend. I raced clean and finished...good day...I guess.

I was stoked because I also got a OKC Velo jersey and gloves from Peter Erdoes. He made me an honorary member of their club because I let him use my bike in the State Crit Championship and he got 2nd. Can you believe his seat just fell off?

Getting my focus on for CRY BABY HILL
Sunday was Cry Baby Hill...I guess you can imagine why..a .really big hill that separates many! When I was going up there on my first lap I got tangled with a teammate and we had a  mini crash. I didn't have any road rash so thought I was good. Although, I will have to say my front wheel felt crazy but I didn't know about a free lap and I just kept riding. After the race I found out my wheel was bent no wonder the hill was so hard. CB Hill was hard & long but it was so cool. There were large crowds and even a kid was playing a saxophone up on the hill. It felt like a mini TdF to me! I took 3rd in my age group this day but I will never skip the neutral service and miss my free lap again!

Volt (Tulsa Shock) & Luke
It was also fun after the race getting to enjoy the atmosphere of the party! I got to visit with my team, my coach, hang out with some of the Tulsa Shock cheerleaders and Volt! Well, I sure hope I see more of you at Tulsa Tough in 2012! I will be training till then!


Monday, June 6, 2011

I am SHOCKed...Tulsa Shock WNBA!

Alright...go buy your tickets for the 2nd annual Tulsa Shock LIVESTRONG game on June 18, 2011. This will help support another local NBA team and help support LIVESTRONG too!

 I just got word that I will be spinning courtside on my bike trainer! If you wish to support my LIVESTRONG fundraising you can pledge so much per mile as I ride courtside. I am going to be there with some other cycling teams but I'm going to be featured!! Please support the Shock, support LIVESTRONG and help support me! You can get your tickets by clicking on the link below! There are tickets as low as $10 and you can come see MARION JONES (Summer Olympian) and many other amazing players for an awesome night of fun and help the 28 million with CANCER! You can also make a flat donation through my LIVESTRONG fundraising website listed below! More details to come as they become available!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue Canyon State Championship Time Trial-June 5, 2011

My mom (in all black) crossing the FINISH LINE

This has been a great weekend! First, my mom ran in her first 5K. I was really proud of her. She is a cyclist and has not run since she had her knee surgery in 2008. Hey, she wasn't the fastest but she finished strong and absolutely wasn't last. She said that was a win! I don't know about that but I was still proud.

5-4-3-2-1 GO!
So, why else was this a great weekend? It is because this was the weekend for the Oklahoma State Time Trial Championship! It was a super race put on by the OKC Velo Club! Thank you!

I have been battling bronchitis so mom & dad were worried but I knew I felt like it was going to be a good day. I got up at 4:45 am, ate a good breakfast, got the car loaded and then slept all the way to Lawton! It's good to be a kid! I ate my pre-race snack, warmed up and got to the start line ready to RUMBLE!

And, I'm off!

Well, I felt good and strong and finished the same way! And, when the results were posted it was an AMAZING day for Team Rad Racing. My teammate, Sawyer, won the 15-16 and I won the 10-14! So, we are both STATE CHAMPIONS!!! The guy who won the 17-18 is Grahmm Smith. He is really cool and races for Chipotle Jr. Development Team!

Two REALLY Happy Guys!
I was really happy because when I got home my mom checked and I had taken 6 minutes and 22 seconds off my time from this race last year! WOO HOO! I am getting stronger and faster! I love being on the bike!
State Champs Luke (10-14) Sawyer (15-16) Grahmm (17-18)
Ok, I know this is silly but last year when I won we drove to the top of Mt. Scott and took a family picture. So, we did it again this year! My parents are pretty awesome! Don't forget to LIVESTRONG!

Top of Mt. Scott

Friday, June 3, 2011

What An Honor!

I was very shocked and very honored when I got word that I was the 200th hero at Kids Are Heroes! If you get a minute please check it out! Lots of kids doing really amazing things! It's great to read such good stories! One person can make a difference! If you would like to help me reach my LIVESTRONG goal your donation will really help the 28 MILLION with CANCER! Then, let me know who you want me to ride for Survivor, Warrior or Angel and I will add them to my LIVESTRONG page as well as my jersey in Austin. AND, my collection bucket has reappeared...this time at the NEW Sun & Ski Sports in Norman, OK. So, if you are there please stop by the bike counter and make a donation and tell Rob (the bike manager) hello! Thank you!



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Palmer Sand Springs Criterium OK STATE Championship May 22, 2011

I have some great news! I GOT NEW SHIFTERS!!!! I love them...Campagnolo's rock! I hope to never write about shifting issues again! Now, about racing...May 22 was the State Criterium Championships and I couldn't wait! I won this race last year so I wanted a good race.

There were 12 in the entire race and half were in my age category. It was great to have two from Team Rad Racing in the 10-14 and two in the 15-16 category! It was going to be a great day!

Jr.'s are off!
I was still warming up on the course when they called for all Jr's to the line. I got there just in time for them to call my name and start the race. I hadn't gotten myself in the correct gear and so my start was lame. My parents told me after the race that they were worried it was going to be a bad day at the races for me!

You can do it!

I didn't panic that I was in the back of the field I just started riding my race. And, one by one I started passing other riders. I knew I only needed to focus on those riders in my field and let the others go. My teammate Dallas (10-14) was riding really strong and so I knew unless something happened he would take 1st. I really wanted us to go 1-2 as it would be a great showing for the team. So, I just kept riding...I felt strong! I now just needed to ride smart! By the end of the 1st lap I had passed everyone in front of me but one and passed him climbing the first hill after the officials tent. So, if I just kept pushing I knew I would put some distance between me and the kid in 3rd.

Eye on the Prize

I was really proud of my team and how we all rode. The two older riders made a break with 2 laps to go and had a big lead when they hit some sand in a corner and both crashed! It was really sad! The good news is they both were ok and finished the race. So, drum roll please...Team Rad Racing took 1st (Dallas) and 2nd (Luke-me) in the 10-14. Team Rad also took 2nd (Sawyer) and 3rd (Jay) in the 15-16. It was a great day for the team and a great day on the bike! I can't wait until the State TT, June 5th! LIVESTRONG!!

Dallas, Jay, Sawyer & Luke all medaled!