Monday, September 20, 2010


My mom and I will ride in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in 33 days! If you can help me reach my goal it would be greatly appreciated. I only need $205.73!!!! Thank you!

Me raising money for my LIVESTRONG ride!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rad Racing's New Team Members

Rob (coach), Luke, Sawyer, Dallas & Jay
I am really stoked! We got three new team members on Team Rad Racing! We all met on Monday and road with our coach, Rob Green. It was super windy. The news said we had straight winds of 25 mph but gusts were over 40 mph but it couldn't blow away the fun we had! I think it will be awesome to get to know these new guys better and looking forward to the racing season getting back in full swing! Go RAD!

The Birthday Trip! P.S. Thanks Grams!

Well, we had the best vacation! We went to Colorado with my Grams (for my birthday) and we had so much fun! Ok, so we got there on Friday but found out we weren't supposed to be there until Saturday...oops!!! Would there be room in the inn? I'm not sure how this happened!  Anyway, it worked out and they got us a room for Friday and then on Saturday we moved into our condo! We went to a concert on Saturday, Asleep at the Wheel, I had never heard of them but they were really good for country music! Everyone at the concert starting going down front and swing dancing. I danced with my Grams and later a lady asked me to dance! It was really fun!

Sunday was an awesome day! We brought our helmets, pedals and shoes so all we had to do was rent some bikes and we were ready to ride! It is amazing you can ride 90 miles and never get on a road...everywhere there are bike paths!!! You never see that in Oklahoma! So, it was a cyclist's dream and the altitude didn't bother me a bit! We rode Vail Pass and saw some amazing scenery! I liked the guy fly fishing right next to the mountain! AWESOME! Later that night after many hours on the bike we cooked pasta and went to our private movie theatre and it was really fun! We had the whole theatre to ourselves with big reclining chairs and huge bean bags. You could even make stars appear on the ceiling. It was a great way to end the PERFECT day!

Monday we drove to Manitou Springs to see my mom's high school friend! She has a really cool and BIG dog named Opal! Opal is an Irish Wolfhound but is a gentle giant! It was fun getting to know Judy (my mom's friend) and her dog Opal! I rode with them to see the Garden of the Gods and it started storming. A waterfall started forming near the Kissing Camels as we sat in this rainstorm! What a site to see! Then, my mom made me pose for some goofy pictures at Balancing Rock! I won't post those...too embarrassing!!!

 Tuesday was INCREDIBLE as we rafted the Arkansas River! The wildest part was when my mom and I got knocked out of the raft in the middle of a big rapid and had to ride it out! I totally saved my mom's life and when we were safely in the boat we were sad no one thought to take a picture of us going down the river! Later, our guide Travis pulled the raft over and we climbed up to jump off a rock cliff into the river! The fall was about 25' to the water! It was so fun! Oh by the way, the water was 46 degrees and that's cold!

Wednesday was a rest day! Thursday we were back on the adventure trail by going all through the backcountry of Leadville, CO on ATV's! It was really cool to be climbing the mountain, riding through the old mining areas and splashing through the mountain streams. The scenery was, to quote my mom "breathtaking". One of my favorite things was when we stopped and ate some wild raspberries! They were really sweet!

Friday night we did a Chuckwagon Dinner and Wild West show! The best part of this was when my dad was chosen to be part of the show! It was hysterical!

Well, I bet you can tell we had a great time! Saturday came way too fast and no one wanted to leave. My mom and I actually got job offers but we'd need one for my dad if we were really going to move there!Grams loved it but said she would only visit us in the snow for her! I know this...WE'LL BE BACK!!!