Thursday, June 2, 2011

Palmer Sand Springs Criterium OK STATE Championship May 22, 2011

I have some great news! I GOT NEW SHIFTERS!!!! I love them...Campagnolo's rock! I hope to never write about shifting issues again! Now, about racing...May 22 was the State Criterium Championships and I couldn't wait! I won this race last year so I wanted a good race.

There were 12 in the entire race and half were in my age category. It was great to have two from Team Rad Racing in the 10-14 and two in the 15-16 category! It was going to be a great day!

Jr.'s are off!
I was still warming up on the course when they called for all Jr's to the line. I got there just in time for them to call my name and start the race. I hadn't gotten myself in the correct gear and so my start was lame. My parents told me after the race that they were worried it was going to be a bad day at the races for me!

You can do it!

I didn't panic that I was in the back of the field I just started riding my race. And, one by one I started passing other riders. I knew I only needed to focus on those riders in my field and let the others go. My teammate Dallas (10-14) was riding really strong and so I knew unless something happened he would take 1st. I really wanted us to go 1-2 as it would be a great showing for the team. So, I just kept riding...I felt strong! I now just needed to ride smart! By the end of the 1st lap I had passed everyone in front of me but one and passed him climbing the first hill after the officials tent. So, if I just kept pushing I knew I would put some distance between me and the kid in 3rd.

Eye on the Prize

I was really proud of my team and how we all rode. The two older riders made a break with 2 laps to go and had a big lead when they hit some sand in a corner and both crashed! It was really sad! The good news is they both were ok and finished the race. So, drum roll please...Team Rad Racing took 1st (Dallas) and 2nd (Luke-me) in the 10-14. Team Rad also took 2nd (Sawyer) and 3rd (Jay) in the 15-16. It was a great day for the team and a great day on the bike! I can't wait until the State TT, June 5th! LIVESTRONG!!

Dallas, Jay, Sawyer & Luke all medaled!

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