Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Auction Has Started


My LIVESTRONG auction started on June 17th. It is to help me reach my LIVESTRONG fundraising goals. I will be giving 100% of the proceeds from these auctions to LIVESTRONG. Please check it out and bid often!

I have a signed, Original 1:1 piece of art. It was painted exclusively for me to auction to benefit LIVESTRONG. The artist is David Noah and it is such an amazing piece you gotta go check it out on eBay and look at all the pictures! There is so much detail! If you're a runner, triathlete, cyclist or just like Urban Art you will LOVE this! It's hard to sell it but doing so will help MILLIONS living with cancer. So, it's a no brainer...I'm selling it! Thanks to the artist who donated this amazing piece!

I'm also auctioning a 2005 Commenorative Edition of Sports Illustrated, SIGNED BY LANCE ARMSTRONG! Are you kidding me??? This guy is a father of 5, a cancer survivor, founder of LIVESTRONG, an inspiration and face of hope to those with cancer and he does this little ride a bike! He's the  SEVEN time winner of the Tour de France!!!

 My final piece is an official Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team cap and it's autographed by GEORGE HINCAPIE! If you watch cycling you probably love BIG GEORGE just like I do! And, it just announced he will be riding in his 16th Tour de France starting July 2nd!I can't wait! I think this is a real treasure!

Thank you to the gentleman who so generously donated these last two items! Mr. Millar, YOU ROCK DUDE! The story that goes with how you got them is incredible! Thanks for sharing! Want to know more? Check out the auction!

These auctions will be closing on Monday June 27th! You better be sure you don't miss out on these amazing items!

I might be young but I will NEVER QUIT cycling and using my bike to help others! I will be riding in Austin, TX this year in the LIVESTRONG Challenge honoring the memory of my POPPY!

I hope you can help me reach my goal! I will add your family member, loved one or friend to my jersey with a donation. Just send me their name(s) to Thank you in advance!
Jersey Ride:

C Kavanaugh
A Ersman


My Poppy
R Slawson
I Yeager

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