Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ok, I'm back from our family reunion so I decided I should get caught up on the races I've completed so far this year! Let's see what was the last race I told you about...oh yeah, Lincoln Road Race!

Wednesday After Work Criterium April 13, 2011

I had watched this race several times last year and I was excited to be participating for the first time. My coach thought it was a good idea to get in a big mass start before the team went to Dallas. It was fun being there with several of my teammates. I didn't have a great race because I was still having shifting problems (remember NW Arkansas). I just couldn't get my gears to switch. Ok, I know how to shift and so what was the problem. I still had a fun time racing even if it was very frustrating!

Matrix Challenge (Dallas, TX) April 16-17, 2011

This race was so amazing for so many reasons: 1st race out-of-state, 1st time racing with my ENTIRE team, 1st time hanging out at a hotel with my teammates and 1st BIG race with lots of Jr's! Perfect combination! Well, I have to admit, I was a little nervous or just too excited the first day! Things didn't go as planned. I had a bad start...couldn't get clipped in off the line (first time that had ever happened) and then, I was behind trying to catch those in front of me. This race had a lot of track racers in it so it was VERY FAST! I did pass several but I was never going to catch the lead group. I was still having loads of trouble with my gears and they just wouldn't shift. I have to say I was having a pretty miserable day but I wasn't going to quit or so I thought. We had only 3 laps left and the unthinkable happened...I HAD MY FIRST CRASH while racing. I was out of the race! But, I told the paramedics I would be back on Sunday to race again! I did and I placed 9th! I was very proud because I had raced better and FINISHED!!

It's not that bad...I'll be back tomorrow!
Check out the bandage! Battle wounds!

PG-13 TT April 20, 2011
I went to my sponsor bike shop, Buchanan Bicycles, on Monday and Ryan checked my shifters and gears. They were WAY out of alignment! I knew I wasn't crazy! So, I decided to race at this Wednesday night time trial to see how the adjustment felt! WOW...big difference! I had a good race and knew I was ready for Saturday's TT.

OKC Velo TT April 23, 2011
This was the second race in this three race series. I just had one goal in mind...shave time off from your last race of truth! And, guess what...I DID! I took another 7 seconds off! I was stoked! I LOVE TIME TRIALING!!!

OKC Velo TT May 14, 2011
This was the last race in this series and they take the combined time of your two fastest races for overall placement. It is a good thing I had pretty good times the first two races because this day was brutal. We race next to a lake and the wind gusts were well over 30-35 mph. You had a headwind all the way out and and wicked crosswind all the way back...where was the tailwind?? Oh well, I still placed 4th overall for the series in the Jr. 10-18 category.And, I taken off lots of time from last year...I'm almost 6 minutes faster than last year for the total of the 3 races. Not too bad for a 13 year old! Thank you to Steve Schlegel at Schlegel Bicyles for my awesome 4th place prize. I will cherish it! It's a numbered B/W photo of a Liquigas rider at Paris Roubaix! It's amazing and hanging in my room!
And, he's off!
Next race: I will donate an entire post to the Palmer Sand Spring Criterium! Lots to tell about the Oklahoma State Criterium race. Remember to always LIVESTRONG!

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  1. VERY cool hearing about your races. I am so amazed by all you do Luke! Can't wait to meet you at the Challenge in ATX. Keep writing and riding!!