Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue Canyon State Championship Time Trial-June 5, 2011

My mom (in all black) crossing the FINISH LINE

This has been a great weekend! First, my mom ran in her first 5K. I was really proud of her. She is a cyclist and has not run since she had her knee surgery in 2008. Hey, she wasn't the fastest but she finished strong and absolutely wasn't last. She said that was a win! I don't know about that but I was still proud.

5-4-3-2-1 GO!
So, why else was this a great weekend? It is because this was the weekend for the Oklahoma State Time Trial Championship! It was a super race put on by the OKC Velo Club! Thank you!

I have been battling bronchitis so mom & dad were worried but I knew I felt like it was going to be a good day. I got up at 4:45 am, ate a good breakfast, got the car loaded and then slept all the way to Lawton! It's good to be a kid! I ate my pre-race snack, warmed up and got to the start line ready to RUMBLE!

And, I'm off!

Well, I felt good and strong and finished the same way! And, when the results were posted it was an AMAZING day for Team Rad Racing. My teammate, Sawyer, won the 15-16 and I won the 10-14! So, we are both STATE CHAMPIONS!!! The guy who won the 17-18 is Grahmm Smith. He is really cool and races for Chipotle Jr. Development Team!

Two REALLY Happy Guys!
I was really happy because when I got home my mom checked and I had taken 6 minutes and 22 seconds off my time from this race last year! WOO HOO! I am getting stronger and faster! I love being on the bike!
State Champs Luke (10-14) Sawyer (15-16) Grahmm (17-18)
Ok, I know this is silly but last year when I won we drove to the top of Mt. Scott and took a family picture. So, we did it again this year! My parents are pretty awesome! Don't forget to LIVESTRONG!

Top of Mt. Scott

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