Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tulsa Tough June 10-12, 2011


I stole that from a t-shirt but it tells the story. If you have never been to Tulsa Tough as a cyclist or a fan you really should plan on it next year! I can't tell you how much fun this weekend was...you just have to experience it to understand!

My new friend Noah, dad, mom and me!
Biju & me
Friday was AMAZING. My new friend, Noah Roberts had invited me and my family to the VIP Reception at Lee's Bicycles to watch the races. We were right by the Start/Finish line, had great food and I met some even greater people. Noah, brought the canvas he had painted for my LIVESTRONG auction. It is awesome I promise you! Then, he introduced me to Biju Thomas the chef for Team Radioshack and MapMyFitness. He has got a cookbook coming out in October and he told my mom about some recipes for cyclists. I was able to watch several categories race but really liked watching the Pros race at night under the lights. While the Cat 1-2 racers were racing a storm blew in with heavy rain and lightning. It was very slick and caused some big crashes. CRAZY! There was a bit of delay before the Pros started so the rain could clear out. GOOD NEWS: Great Race BAD NEWS: Roads were still wet and slick!

Saturday was my first day to race at Tulsa Tough. I need to be honest, I was a little nervous thinking about the day. I got up early and mom made me Biju's special oatmeal...it was YUMMY! I didn't race until later in the day so, I also got to try his pasta recipe! WOW...mom is definitely buying his cookbook!

Team Rad warming up
The course today was shaped like an "L" so, I thought that was a good sign. As soon as I got on the course I wasn't nervous anymore. I am never happier than when I'm on my bike except when I'm on it racing, working with my teammates and passing people! I think the one thing I was nervous about was the fact that the Chipotle Jr. Development Team was racing in the Jrs. They have been racing in Belgium and are already Cat 1-2 racers. I knew I just needed to go do my race! I finished the race and got 4th in my age group. I wished I had done better but the Thursday before my doctor said I still had bronchitis and now an ear infection so, I wasn't a 100% coming into this weekend. I raced clean and finished...good day...I guess.

I was stoked because I also got a OKC Velo jersey and gloves from Peter Erdoes. He made me an honorary member of their club because I let him use my bike in the State Crit Championship and he got 2nd. Can you believe his seat just fell off?

Getting my focus on for CRY BABY HILL
Sunday was Cry Baby Hill...I guess you can imagine why..a .really big hill that separates many! When I was going up there on my first lap I got tangled with a teammate and we had a  mini crash. I didn't have any road rash so thought I was good. Although, I will have to say my front wheel felt crazy but I didn't know about a free lap and I just kept riding. After the race I found out my wheel was bent no wonder the hill was so hard. CB Hill was hard & long but it was so cool. There were large crowds and even a kid was playing a saxophone up on the hill. It felt like a mini TdF to me! I took 3rd in my age group this day but I will never skip the neutral service and miss my free lap again!

Volt (Tulsa Shock) & Luke
It was also fun after the race getting to enjoy the atmosphere of the party! I got to visit with my team, my coach, hang out with some of the Tulsa Shock cheerleaders and Volt! Well, I sure hope I see more of you at Tulsa Tough in 2012! I will be training till then!


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