Friday, September 9, 2011

Is August Already Over??

OK...another month went so fast! I had a great August! Let's see I had a birthday, I had a photo shoot for the Edmond Outlook magazine, I raced and went to THE RACE and continued to raise funds for LIVESTRONG!!!

I had a couple of birthday parties to celebrate me turning 14! The first was my family going to visit my Grams. We had so much fun! The best was our bowling match...I even got a few strikes. No one in my family is a really good bowler which is probably why we had so much fun. I can't remember anyone's scores but I can tell you we did LOTS of laughing! It was cool because they turned off the lights and we all glowed under the black lights!

Me, Grams and Dad (mom's taking the pic)
My second birthday party found my Grandma and Grandpa coming to my house. We went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (Red Rock Canyon Grill) and I opened my gift from mom & dad. At first, I thought I just got a t-shirt but under the shirt was the rest of my gift. A TRIP TO GO WATCH THE USA PRO CYCLING CHALLENGE!!!!! I was totally shocked!

TdF podium pic "Want to see them race? We are going!"
I was chosen to be featured in the September edition of the Edmond Outlook. So, I had to go for my first photo shoot! It was super cool and Marshall (the photographer) was really nice! Take a minute and read it! It won't take long...PROMISE! Check out pages 6 and 35!

I also raced, this month, at the Owasso Criterium and I could really tell I have been training. I got a really good start off the line and lead everyone through the first turn. I can tell I'm getting faster and feel really good on my bike. I took fourth so just out of the money but I did my best and I will just keep working to get even faster! I still got a medal and it was pretty cool. I thought it looked like a Greek fire caldron!

Well, I want to tell you all about my trip to Colorado to watch the race but I think it will be a separate post because I have so much to tell you and some great pictures! I will just tell you this...I got some pretty cool autographs!!!

As for my LIVESTRONG fundraising it has been going really well. I set a goal of $5,000 and I know I am going to go WAY over that amount! I held a LIVESTRONG garage sale one weekend and another weekend I set up a table at Schlegel Bicycles (pro shop)! I also sold several things on Craigslist! I know this is posting in September so I will tell you my current amount is $4,666 but I have sent in some more donations so stay tuned for my new totals! My buddies, Noah and Biju, are helping me by hosting a BBQ/Auction in September! I am getting really stoked! I think I will really blow my initial goal out of the water! STAY TUNED!

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