Thursday, September 29, 2011

Races-End of the Year

I finished out my racing season with some good results.

My next to last race was the Team Exfuse 9-11 Circuit Race. The Jr's distance was 28 miles (2 laps) and was out at Lake Stanley Draper. The back part of this course is hilly and the roads are a bit rough but after the last climb is was fast and smooth. I climbed really strong but I still need work on my downhilling skills. I will work on this in the off season, for sure! I had a 2nd place finish. I made some mistakes but I will use these to help me become a better racer.

The last race of the season was the Bison Bicycle Classic Oklahoma State Road Race Championships. There was a larger field in this race and I was feeling really good. I was aiming for my teammate and I to both end up with podium finishes. We had about a 2 mile neutral zone and then the race took off. I stayed with my teammate, Dallas, for a few miles but then began to fade a bit. I had another kid trying to draft off me and I wasn't going to drag him to the finish line. So, I picked up my speed and dropped him. I loved this course and really rode my race. I had max speed of over 34 mph but set an average over 18! My coach and I were pleased with my numbers for this race! The best part is my teammate and I both took podium spots! Dallas took 1st and I took 3rd! I was really proud of my effort!

Luke 3rd, Dallas 1st, Austin 2nd

Teammates/buds wearing some hardware!
Overall, I've had a good year of racing. My results for 2011 are as follows: 16 races, 3-1st place, 3-2nd place, 2-3rd place, 3-4th place, 1-5th place, 1-9th place, 1-11th place, 1-15th place, 1-DNF (crash)

After the crash (didn't take pictures of the worst parts)
 but I did race the next day!

I'm already training for next year! I can't wait!


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