Monday, March 14, 2011

Salty & Tall Race-March 12 & 13, 2011

Racing has Officially begun for 2011!

The long awaited race season has begun and it started just like last year. My first race was the Salt Creek Criterium. I was very excited to finally get started this year but I think I wasted a lot of energy just thinking about Saturday. I felt like a soda bottle that had been shaken up and ready to explode but it didn't really go the way I planned!

Part of Team Rad-Dallas, Jay & Luke

There were five Jr.'s in Saturday's race and three of us were from the same team, Team Rad Racing. We had a good plan and most of it was executed like our coach wanted. The trouble for me started when the older boys jumped out early in the race. I felt like I needed to get more from my gears to catch them but when climbing my first hill I got cross geared. I know about crossing the chain, big ring + big gear = no no! But, there I was cross geared and trying to climb the first hill! I was trying to get my gearing corrected but it would not move! I just kept falling further and further behind! It was so frustrating!

Trying to climb...come on gears...CHANGE!

I can do this!

I finally got my gearing to move and I was starting to gain on the boy in front of me but time just wasn't on my side. I'd run out of time and laps! I believe I would have caught him if I'd been able to complete that last 1/2 lap! Oh, well, my teammates place 2nd and 3rd which was awesome! It was their first criterium ever and so I was really happy for them. I came in 5th out of 5...LAST!!! I was really mad I had made such a big mistake and couldn't help my team more! I realized that evening I had really tried to ride someone else's race instead of my own. GOOFY!! But, I had a chance for redemption! I was glad I'd signed up for the Tall Chief Cove Road Race the following day! I needed it to regain some confidence and focus on riding MY race!

Getting ready to start Tall Chief

Start of 1st climb

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was warm with a nice's race FREEZING, VERY WINDY...BRUTAL! This was a road race and to quote the flyer "A beautiful 20.5 mile course with demanding hills and challenging turns." They were not kidding! It was all true...beautiful, DEMANDING hills and CHALLENGING turns...I loved it! Today, I was determined to ride my race. I had a little rough start. Right off the start line my left foot slipped off the pedal while trying to get clipped in and we were starting up the 1st hill! Luckily, I saved it and no one crashed! I felt good as I started climbing and soon we were crossing the dam and heading towards some big climbs! I felt strong on the bike today and  didn't make any of the mistakes from the previous day. It was a great day on the bike! I stuck to my plan and road my race! I knew what I had in the tank and used it! When I saw the little one lane bridge I knew I was in the home stretch! I just put my head down and powered through to the end! I placed 2nd and got a silver medal! I was really proud of how much better I road on this TOUGH course!

Coming across the finish line-2nd place

1st medal of 2011 season

It was a fun weekend! I love getting out there and seeing so many racing friends! I am never happier than when I'm on my bike and doing well on it is even better! I'm so happy my season has started! Stay tuned as I have many more races scheduled!

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  1. Sounds like you are in for a great racing season!!!!