Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have two passions! Cycling and LIVESTRONG!

If you read my blog enough you probably know this but if you don't well...I'm a 13 year old competitive Jr. cyclist. I believe in going fast and giving back!

I need your help! I am raising money again this year so I can participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin, TX! This became my non-profit of choice because I lost one of my best friends to prostate cancer and Lance Armstrong is one of my heroes. My Poppy was an awesome grandfather! He was also a father, a husband, a brother, a friend, an awesome golfer (he shot a 70 on his 70th birthday) and one of my best buddies. Unfortunately, he didn't get diagnosed soon enough and passed away in November 2007. It was the saddest day of my life!

I put on my yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet and have never taken it off! I am raising money to continue the fight Poppy lost! I don't want anybody else to lose someone they love like I did. It hurts really bad! If we all pull together we can be sure others get the help they need. You never know it could be you who needs the help! Please give what you can...because every $1 helps. Click here to visit my fundraising website or print off a donation form. Please write my PARTICIPANT ID #297759208 on the check. All donations must have a form attached. I want to thank you for doing whatever you can to help me reach my goal of $5,000. Together we can all LIVESTRONG!


  1. Hi Luke!
    I am a friend of your moms and just received a letter today from you sharing your goals for your ride in October!- we will be sending a donation your way- what a wonderful way to remember your grandfather!!
    Thanks for inviting us to follow your progress!
    "Happy Riding"!
    the Adkins crew
    p.s. tell your sweet mom hello!

  2. Jill, you are so nice! My mom showed me pictures from when you both lived in OK. She told me some awesome stories about how you all worked together and were such great friends! Thank you for helping me reach my goal! You guys rock! Mom says: She misses you and tell you hello!