Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OKC Rocks Criterium-June 12 & 13 2010

Well, it was a great weekend of racing! I have to thank DNA Racing/Foss1l Racing for putting on an awesome race! It was a super fun environment the first day the course went around the Oklahoma State Capitol, the second day was a tight/technical course, there were lots of spectators cheering, including my Grams, several pro teams and a really good band!

The pictures are of my coach, Rob Green, and me prior to my first race. We rode a warm-up lap before the race and it was great. I love spending time with him...he totally ROCKS!

The first race was really difficult for me because I had surgery the week prior to this race. My training was not what I normally am able to do. I really felt the lack of training and all the medication on the first day of racing. It was the first time I felt really sick while racing. I learned something about myself that day and that was I am not a quitter. There are times when things get tough and you just have to ride. I told my mom I was just like Lance Armstrong and I just rode through the pain! I placed 2nd but I knew I could do much better! I will say the south wind was just BRUTAL!

I ate my favorite pre-race meal that night and the next morning my secret breakfast. I was very excited to race on Sunday because the course was tight and technical with a "hill". Although, I told my parents that it really wasn't a "hill" but we should call it was it really is and that is an "incline." They cracked up but I'm not really sure why! I told them that Lincoln Road Race in Arkansas had a hill and this didn't even compare!

I felt great and was ready to RACE! I was very excited because I was actually getting faster with each lap. My mom said a guy standing by her said that he just blinked and I was up that "incline." I thought that was pretty cool! I love climbing...I come right out of my saddle and start a high cadance! It feels great! Anyway, I placed 1st and when I crossed the finish line I pointed to heaven. I knew I had raced hard for my Poppy!

I always have my Poppy with me in my heart! He passed away almost 3 years ago from cancer. I have never taken my LIVESTRONG bracelet off since he died. I am raising money now to help me earn enough to ride the LIVESTRONG Challenge this year in Austin! I think it is important to do something good for others. I am trying to do my part to make this world a better place!

Anyway, I need to get to bed because I have Blue Canyon State Time Trial Championship this Sunday. I need to be ready for this next race!


  1. Wow, you are amazing! See you in Austin....LiveSTRONG!

  2. Alright spill the beans kid.... secret breakfast???

  3. Sorry Les but I can't reveal the secret! It is my secret weapon!!