Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OKC Velo Time Trial Series (2 of 3)-April 24, 2010

Weeellllll...this was a first! The official results from the OKC Velo TT, held on Saturday, were just posted today (Tuesday, April 27)! I guess someone went before they should have and it caused everyone's time be off! So, it has been under official review since Saturday! My final time was 29.25!!! I am really happy because I shave 2 minutes and 32 seconds off my first TT...same place, same distance!!!! I am very proud of myself but know I can do even better! I will just keep training and get faster and faster! Watch out! I'm going to be in the low 20's for the same TT in no time! I may need a little more time but next year...watch out here come the teens!!! I still have one more in the series so I will be focused on just shaving off more time! RACING ROCKS!!!

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