Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bella Mira Criterium-April 18, 2010

It was fun racing today with my teammate Big Luke. I felt bad for him because he didn't feel good today. I think he might have a stomach bug. Anyway, he still rode with me!  He is racing age 18 and I think he is really cool. He's nice too! Our coach, Rob Green, was there today and he raced in the Men's 1-2-3. He also felt bad. I hope I don't get it! This was the first time I got to race with anyone on my team and it rocked. He really helped me on the race today. The weather was very rainy and cold. The course started at the top of a hill and had an uphill finish. There was a downhill with a sweeping left hand turn then up another hill, take a left and keep climbing. Next, was the downhill section with another left and then climb again! It was lots of fun and I did good. Big Luke and I crossed the finish line after 8 laps and I got the win by a tire length. Do you think Big Luke let me win? He's a pretty nice guy but anyway I was still stoked with my win! I won a couple of gift certificates so, I took my parents to eat after the race. Tomorrow I will go shopping at Schlegel Bicycles with my other gift certificate! I also got my new Vittoria tires so I guess I'll get those on my bike tomorrow! Lucky me!

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