Friday, July 20, 2012

Wanna Ride? Here's How!

Want to do the Luke's 5-Line Ride but only have $50? Trying to think of a way to come up with the funds so you can participate?? SUGGESTIONS below:

Host a charity garage sale...get rid of your stuff and earn enough to come ride with us! (We just made over $600 at ours) Your house or garage will be cleaner! WIN-WIN

Ask 8 of your friends to sponsor you at $25 each.

Don't have 8 friends then ...
let's go for 4 friends at $50 each....OR maybe a bunch of people for just small amounts like we've listed below:

42 mile = $4.77 per mile
95 mile = $2.11 per mile
122 mile = $1.64 per mile

See if your local bike shop, bicycling club or boss would sponsor you.

Your participation in this event WILL HELP THE 28 MILLION LIVING WITH CANCER!! Remember: online registration ONLY closes 9/6/2012

We hope to see you in Black Mesa, OK!

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