Friday, April 27, 2012


I haven't been able to write about this because I have been so blown away I couldn't find the words to express how I felt and still feel!

My mom and I were on our way to do a training ride. We didn't make any stops except at stop lights and at a railroad crossing. We were just a few miles from our location when my mom looked in the rear view mirror and saw my bike was GONE! I totally freaked out! I couldn't think clearly! I started crying "That's my baby! I have a race in two days! That's my baby!" It was the most horrible feeling I have ever felt over losing a thing!

We quickly turned around and began the search. Mom tried to keep me calm but it wasn't an easy task. We saw a good friend and fellow cyclist, Andy Chasteen. He was out on a training ride and offered to help us look for my missing bike. Thanks Andy!

Mom and I continued the search for four hours looking in every bush, ditch, drainage areas... EVERYWHERE! NO LUCK! I was devastated! My mom kept telling me, "There's a greater and overall meaning to this. It may be that we need this experience to help us grow. Or, it may be that it's because someone else needs to grow... but God has a plan and we need to trust!" She always says this when things are good and when things are bad. I knew she was right but it didn't make it hurt any less.

I had a time trial I was supposed to race in that coming Saturday (March 31). I wasn't sure what I would do when our friends the White's offered us a loaner bike!! Miracles were already taking place. I was going to be able to race.

I had a good race because I just kept thinking the guy in front of me was the one who took my bike! I took 4 minutes off my personal best!!!

Every night I prayed we'd find my bike! We did find it a week later posted on Craigslist! These guys were trying to sell it! I couldn't believe it. There's a whole other story here but the bottom line is we got my bike back. When we took it to the bike shop to get it repaired I had the BIGGEST surprise EVER!!!

My friends, Ryan Lenhart and Tobin Vigil, at Buchanan Bicycles were there when I got to the shop. Ryan took me in a separate room and began telling me "A lot of people were really sad when you lost your bike. And, you are always thinking of others with what you do for LIVESTRONG. So, a bunch of your friends who are cyclists pitched in a bought you a brand new bike!" The words I heard but couldn't believe. He took me into another room and there was the new bike all setup ready for me to get a fit! Tobin was taking pictures and I just walked around the bike in shock. I just kept saying "I can't believe this!"

 I don't know who all did this and may never know but THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! I still look at it  2 1/2 weeks later and I'm still in speechless! You all are the best friends a guy could ever have! I feel blessed! GOD IS GREAT!



  1. So your mom was correct. There was a reason for your loss!! And now an even stronger purpose for your ride.