Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm 13 years old & on a MISSION TO STOP CANCER

I started racing bicycles in March 2010 and I started taking action against cancer in August of the same year. I wanted to be like my hero Lance Armstrong.

He's my hero because of what he has done on a bike but more importantly for what he's done for the 28 million living with cancer. He gave people with cancer and their families a face of HOPE.

When I heard my Poppy had cancer I was scared but I had HOPE. Although, my Poppy lost his fight I will never quit fighting to help others.

The money I raise will help fund cancer research, help increase cancer survivorship, raise awareness through education and help fight cancer at a global level.

I am really sad right now because we have lost two more great men to cancer. My aunt's brother-in-law, John Mendenhall, passed away last night. He was a solider in our military and had fought to keep us free. Then, he had to keep fighting. He fought bravely but sadly lost the latest battle to cancer. I am really sad for  my aunt's sister (John's wife); they had only been married one year. And, of course, his daughter.

And, then, on July 4th we lost Scott Raffe to pancreatic cancer. He was an internationally renowned photographer. You should check out some of his photographs. They are amazing!

These men will be missed by their families and friends.

I will be riding 45 miles in the Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge. I am riding for Survivors, Warriors and Angels. I might only be 13 years old but I will never quit cycling and using my bike to help others!

I hope you can help me reach my goal! I will add your family member, loved one, or friend to my jersey with your donation.
Click Here to make a donation for my ride in October! Thank you!


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My Poppy
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