Monday, June 27, 2016

Spring Racing & Mechanicals

April 3 NWA RR

Today started with a bad omen...two deer ran across the road and one of them did real damage to our car. I should have known it was going to be a long day!

I started the day feeling great but my head wasn't in the game. I was nervous! This was my first race since my crash in Austin and I just kept thinking what if someone takes me out again! This is the wrong way to start a race. The race started, I was riding strong and getting some confidence back. Then, we a turn straight into the crosswinds. I was in the wrong position and got split from the front group. The group I was in tried to bridge gap but I was having gear troubles. It turns out my rear derailleur was bent and I couldn't get the lower gear I needed in the crosswinds. So, I did my best but eventually had to just decide to turn this day into a great training ride. I was bummed but that's racing! Placement 50/63

April 10th Eucha RR

Today was a new race day! I had taken my bike to get a thorough check and tune up so I wouldn't have any bike issues. This is not the place you want to have any gear issues as the climbing is insane. I started off great and could hardly wait to get to the big climb (Spavinaw Hill). I was super stoked to still be with the group through this climb but trouble started soon afterwards as I wasn't able to quickly get back into my big chainring. It was a downhill/flat section and I could not stay with them in my small chainring. When I finally got into my big ring it was too little too late. I was caught in no man's land, solo! I finally got with another small group. But, trouble started when we hit the feedzone... I missed my hand up (first time that's ever happened), and I was completely out of water. Thankfully, another rider grabbed my missed bottle and gave it to me! WHEW...that was a life saver as we still had about 30 miles to race including climbing Spavinaw AGAIN! I just kept working and when I saw the 5K to go sign I dropped the guys I was with and just took off! It wasn't a great day but I had completed my longest road race and learned a lot about myself this day! I'm learning more and more with every race that doesn't go to plan! You have got to stay positive and keep working to get better! Placement 24/31

April 16 Matrix Challenge Crit

I had a rough start with trouble getting clipped in. I lost the main pack but I worked really hard to get to a group. It was just a couple of guys for a while. I had to put in a lot of work pulling because the other two riders I was with weren't strong enough to keep our speed. I finally got with a group of about 15 riders. I learned how to move within the group, not letting gaps open and got more comfortable in a pack on a technical course. I didn't have to pull anymore so was able to just sit in with them. I worked myself up toward the front of our group on the last lap on the backside of the course near Stackhouse and stayed there until the finish. I started in last place and finished 37th out of 54. I also set a new 30 minute power record! I was really hoping to race on Sunday and get a better start to see if I could use what I learned. I wasn't racing scared for the first time. Unfortunately, Sunday was canceled due to bad weather!

Hey, this is racing and I'll come back better from all this disappointment!

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