Sunday, May 16, 2010

OKC Velo Time Trial Series (3 of 3)-May 15, 2010

It was a very foggy, misty wet day but it didn't matter to me! I just wanted to race and my old teacher John was there with his little girl! I couldn't wait to show him what racing was all about. I felt good and  it showed on the clock! When I finished I had shaved 4 minutes and 17 seconds off since I started this series in March! And, I won my division!!!! I rode an average mph of 18.21 and finished this 8.4 miles in 27:40! It was "rad" to win this series!

I think I might compete in the State Championship for Crits next weekend...just to get good experience! I will be training until then but my coach has made me take a couple of days off to rest...I hope I make it two whole days without riding! TTYL


  1. Way to go! We are proud of you!
    Ken and Linda Bacon : )

  2. AWESOME!!!!
    We all want to hear about it if you actually make it 2 days without riding. LOL!