Monday, March 29, 2010

OKC Velo Time Trial Series (1 of 3)-March 27, 2010

Oh man, Saturday was AWESOME not only was this my first time trial but I was on my new road bike!!!!! First, we were out at Lake Overholser and under a wind advisory...someone said gusts near 50 mph!! Anyway, I was real excited to participate wind or no wind. If you are going to ride there will be you might as well get used to it! I was pumped because I shaved almost 2 minutes off my best training ride. I placed 1st in my division with a time of 31.57 minutes for 8.6 miles...16.34 mph is not a bad average when you are just getting started! I race in the 13-14 year old bracket so I still have lots of time to train and get much faster! And, I was happy to ride better than my training ride with MUCH MORE WIND!!!! The good news is I know I can do better and I have several more time trials coming up to prove it! Look out Tulsa I'm coming there next week and then off to Arkansas for my first road race!!! What a great racing year it is starting out to be! GO RAD RACING!!!!


  1. WOW Luke, I love your blog! it is Cool!

  2. Great new bike! You are doing great. You WILL get faster!!